Benefits of a Car Wash Membership

Having a clean car offers more than just visual appeal. The proper maintenance of the exterior of your vehicle can make it last longer as well. Not only can removing excess dirt, mud and other debris protect the glossiness of your car’s paint, washing away the road chemicals can prevent them from accidentally getting into the interior of your vehicle. Choosing an unlimited car wash program at Aqua Auto Wash Detail & Lube Center provides you with an array of monthly benefits including the following:

1. Never Drive a Dirty Car Again

This is the number one reason to choose a monthly package with Aqua Auto Wash. With all of the Aqua Auto Wash packages, you’re entitled to unlimited washes each month. You choose how often you drop by to have the day’s accumulated debris removed from your vehicle. 

2. No Contacts and No Hidden Fees

The monthly membership plans are designed to be flexible and versatile. You can cancel any time because there aren’t any contracts that lock you into a certain length of time. You also won’t find any hidden fees associated with Aqua Auto Wash’s monthly packages so you can rest assured that the price you paid is your only outlay. 

3. Your Choice of Three Packages

In order to accommodate their customers in The Woodlands, Aqua Auto Wash offers three comprehensive monthly packages. While all feature Express services such as top brush cleaner, lower side washer, spot free rinse, foaming lubricator and more, the Deluxe and Supreme packages include additional protectants. 

For example, choose the Deluxe package and treat your tires to a Gloss Boss tire shine. Your car will also luxuriate in an Aqua Seal and Blue Wave Hi-Pressure Profiler. 

Add the Supreme package for an Aqua Shine and Durashield for the maximum in cleanliness and protection. 

4. Quick, Convenient and Easy

With a monthly car wash plan from Aqua Auto Wash, you can quickly get rid of that built-up road dust from your weekend trip of town or arrive at your next event with a sparkling clean vehicle. Simply drive in, let the Aqua Auto Wash equipment do their job and drive out! It’s that easy! 

5. Save Money

For one flat fee, you have unlimited car washes all month long. The more you wash your vehicle, the lower your average price for each wash will be. It’s a quick and easy way to save money that’s also hands-off once you set it up.

6. Enjoy Top-Notch Technology

At Aqua Auto Wash, they are constantly updating and upgrading their equipment to ensure that their customers always receive the best car wash that money can buy. Every time you treat your car to a delightful full service car wash, you know it’s getting the best treatment possible. 

At Aqua Auto Wash, we’ve created the standard regarding the next level of car washes — right here in The Woodlands. Our customers have come to rely on our thorough attention to detail, technologically-advanced equipment and incredible customer service. Contact us today to sign up for your monthly car wash package and drive away with a clean car.

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