Aqua Auto Wash is at your service.

We take your vehicle as seriously as you do. That’s why you’ll never leave Aqua Auto Wash without a clean, fresh feeling. With the latest technology, terrific service and a lube center, we are always upping our game to be at your service.


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Creating the Standard

As the most technologically advanced car wash in the Greater Houston Area, we take service to the next level. We’ve invested in top-of-the-line wash technology so that your vehicle always receives top quality care.

Our Technology

  1. Non-porous soft foam cleaners that don’t carry dirt from other vehicles to yours
  2. Less than 10-12lbs of pressure applied to your vehicle’s exterior
  3. State-of-the-art cleaning agents
  4. Regular system tuning every two-to-three days
  5. Recovered (filtered) water

Your Results

  1. Your vehicle leaves scratch-free.
  2. Your vehicle is handled with care.
  3. Your vehicle is washed with the gentlest cleansers available.
  4. Your vehicle is washed in a factory-correct facility each time.
  5. Your vehicle is washed with clean water, not dirty water.

We Do It All.

Whether you’re sporting an exotic car, collector’s classic, motorcycle, RV or anything in between, we wash your vehicle as meticulously as you would. Our gentle wash technology gives it the deepest clean with the lightness of touch, ensuring your vehicle leaves Aqua bright, shiny, and, most importantly, scratch-free.

We do it all.

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